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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The danger of Yes men/women

I recently witnessed a new CEO have a meltdown because two of her key people disagreed with something she was doing.  They asked for a private meeting with her - wanting to discuss their concerns - and she not only denied them the meeting, but she fired them.

This woman could only keep up a relationship with those who thought she walked on water - and kissed up to her.  Sycophants  are not really useful in the long run.

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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Constructive criticism for CEOs

The strongest CEOs I know, seek out those who will be honest with them.  Fearful CEOs look for "yes men" who will tell them they are wonderful no matte how they might need to know where they are lacking and should work to improve.

Dynamite CEOs surround themselves with the strongest executive team they can attract - knowing the importance of utilizing the strength of others.  Fearful CEOs avoid those that might "shine" seeking instead beginners who will continue to make them look good.

A CEO who has to take all the credit for herself loses her best team members.  A CEO who is willing to give credit to others when things go well, inspires loyalty, and is beloved if she takes the blame when things go wrong.

Being a CEO is a balancing act - one that must take the people involved very seriously and cherish them.  Throwing away good people is a way to throw the game.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Helping the Homeless

Today's paper (here in Santa Clara County) showed pictures of dismantling the homeless encampment.  It is horrifying and so sad.

I don't want to see homeless encampments - they are unsafe, potentially dirty and disease ridden.
Nor do I want to see us not serving our homeless.

years ago when they were dismantling Moffett Field I suggested that they use the existing military housing for homeless - they could house, train, offer medical, etc. at almost no cost.  The answer:  It was too far away from downtown (20 minutes at most).  What happened to buses?

at another time I suggested that they build a floor of the new garage (across from our county building and the police station) as a place for homeless - beds, showers, food, etc.  That didn't fly either.

So what are we to do?  Pretend they don't exist?  Pretend they don't need our help?

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Leaders create their executive team

I know a wonderful new CEO who doesn't trust any of her team members and controls everything - or at least tries to - and in so doing has insulted and pissed off those who would serve her well.

Every leader needs to find complimentary executives that she can rely on so she can let go having to handle everything.    If the leader is someone who excels at the externals as does this woman - she is a great connector and communicator, well liked by all.  But, she is scattered, disorganized, and forget to whom she's made assignments.

Leaders typically balance strengths and weaknesses by having VPs of Administration, Operations, P)roject Management, Fund-Raising, Marketing, Sales, etc......

But  you need to pick them well, make sure they are loyal to you, and trust them.

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NIMBY (Not in my back yard)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, once again people are complaining about others wanting a piece of the action.    It's no longer not in my back yard - it feels as though it has become:  "I've got mine and you can't get yours."

There is a huge difference between cities that are known for being slow growth and those whose general plan is and has been for a very long time - business and residential development.

Yesterday, I heard someone say that they shouldn't build any more residences in Sunnyvale because they should keep the population EXACTLY WHERE IT IS TODAY.  In other words,  "I've got mine and you can't get yours."   

I live in a townhouse complex that is in a city that always featured planned growth.  When they were debating building my complex some years ago, the NIMBY people protested.  Fortunately for me and all my neighbors they lost.  Now, it is my neighbors who are yelling NIMBY about a new proposed development in an area that abuts our complex.

The excuse:  more traffic or "the wrong element moving in".   Yes, there will be more traffic, but sensible cities take that into consideration and make the necessary adjustments when they authorize the development.

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