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Friday, November 02, 2007


Webster defines a sycophant as someone who is a self-seeking servile flatterer, or a fawning parasite. When executives surround themselves with "yes" men and women, that's who they are attracting.

When people are so sensitive to anyone disagreeing with them, they surround themselves with people who flatter and please. This is dangerous for them as individuals and especially dangerous for the organizations they lead/manage.

If you have to be the center of attention, the "queen" or "king" or "prince" or "princess" you never assume an adult role and responsibility for the organization you serve - or anything else you are doing with your life.

Sycophants are the one's who designed the new clothes for the emperor.....

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Diversity doesn't seem to include strong women!

When reading the San Jose Mercury's account of the evidence against Colleen Wilcox, it would appear that her assertive strong and perfectionistic tendencies were what got her in trouble. Have we gone so far in political correctness that only the kissy sweet survive?

If so, I'm in deep trouble. I say what I believe and take stances. I expect the people with whom I work to do what they have committed to do - and to do it well in a timely manner. I expect the same of myself as well.

As a New Yorker, I know I can come across as "strong" and that is sometimes intimidating to some people - especially those who have been raised to fear any disagreement at all. BUT, does that make me wrong, or make them a little too thin skinned?

If we honor and accept diversity, can't we also respect and accept those who are strong, outgoing and direct?

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