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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Constructive criticism for CEOs

The strongest CEOs I know, seek out those who will be honest with them.  Fearful CEOs look for "yes men" who will tell them they are wonderful no matte how they might need to know where they are lacking and should work to improve.

Dynamite CEOs surround themselves with the strongest executive team they can attract - knowing the importance of utilizing the strength of others.  Fearful CEOs avoid those that might "shine" seeking instead beginners who will continue to make them look good.

A CEO who has to take all the credit for herself loses her best team members.  A CEO who is willing to give credit to others when things go well, inspires loyalty, and is beloved if she takes the blame when things go wrong.

Being a CEO is a balancing act - one that must take the people involved very seriously and cherish them.  Throwing away good people is a way to throw the game.


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