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Monday, June 03, 2013

NIMBY (Not in my back yard)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, once again people are complaining about others wanting a piece of the action.    It's no longer not in my back yard - it feels as though it has become:  "I've got mine and you can't get yours."

There is a huge difference between cities that are known for being slow growth and those whose general plan is and has been for a very long time - business and residential development.

Yesterday, I heard someone say that they shouldn't build any more residences in Sunnyvale because they should keep the population EXACTLY WHERE IT IS TODAY.  In other words,  "I've got mine and you can't get yours."   

I live in a townhouse complex that is in a city that always featured planned growth.  When they were debating building my complex some years ago, the NIMBY people protested.  Fortunately for me and all my neighbors they lost.  Now, it is my neighbors who are yelling NIMBY about a new proposed development in an area that abuts our complex.

The excuse:  more traffic or "the wrong element moving in".   Yes, there will be more traffic, but sensible cities take that into consideration and make the necessary adjustments when they authorize the development.

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