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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Speaking Up

I received a phone call this morning from one of my neighbors who, like me, is fed up with the prison-like atmosphere being developed by our property manager and board of our HOA. She wanted to go to a board meeting and speak up, but her husband advised her "you can't change anything so why bother."

It's this attitude - that I don't count - I can't change anything - that allows the bullies and control freaks to succeed.

Speak up. Be counted. It is the only way that change can occur.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Ground Zero - My Opinion

OK, so I am not The President of the United States, nor do I currently live in New York City. I hasten to tell you that I do not consider myself prejudiced against any religion, race, culture, etc. On the other hand, abhor those who hate me, my kind, my religion and my country. My enemies are my enemies.

That having been said, I don't think this is an enemy, or prejudice issue. I think it is an issue of cultural sensitivity. I teach diversity, International Business, cultural sensitivity, discrimination, etc. It should be a two-way street.

Yes, of course legally the Muslim community has the right to build its mosque where ever there is appropriate zoning. Yes of course they (like everyone else) have the right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression (symbols.)

BUT - and this is a huge but - you don't rub people's noses in their pain and memories. Sensitivity to others would suggest that you understand and respect that the terrorists claimed they were destroying the Towers in the name of Allah.

They, not we, made the case for Muslim involvement. We, on the other hand, understand that it was only insane radicals that did this damage, killing thousands of people, raping our country, causing Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome for thousands of New Yorkers who were nearby and saw the devestation and the falling bodies.

Yes, we the intelligent and sensitive majority do understand that it is not the entire Muslim community. But, why can't this community understand that the pain is too great - too fresh - and that they should go elsewhere so that it doesn't appear that they are rubbing our noses in it and claiming victory over the rest of us?

It's not about rights. It's about sensitivity to others.

Appropriateness to the Role

In today's San Jose Mercury News, Victor Davis Hanson (Hoover Institution) expressed my views perfectly. This is not about politics - it's about appropriateness.

Barak Obama appears to open his mouth publicly before he thinks about the fact that he is the President of the United States, not just an average citizen. What he says matters.

So, in the case of the Harvard Professor Henry Lous Gates, and the Cambridge, Mass Police Dept., he shot off his mouth and accused the police department of profiling and being prejudiced - before he had the facts of the case. Even if it had been correct - which it wasn't - the President had no business saying anything about it - although ordinary citizen Barak certainly had freedom of speech.

He opened his mouth again when Arizona tried to pass legislation supporting already existing federal legislation. It was an issue for the State - not for the Federal government. Again, he shot off his mouth.

Now, he's not only ventured an opinion about the Mosque within blocks of ground zero, but because public opinion was against him, he's had to backtrack. His personal views do not belong in the press. He is, or at least should be The President of the United States and everything he says should be weighed carefully.

This is the same guy who touched the Queen of England, whose wife Michelle shows up in a casual cardigan sweater, and who has apparently never learned proper protocol.

It's an embarrassment.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Opening Up Old Wounds

I was horriifed to see that Jerry Silva quit his job in Sacramento because someone asked him about what he had been accused of here in San Jose. Jerry escaped the Bay area because he felt awful about how his cherished reputation had been tarnished. He hurt very badly everytime someone would question him about the case, or even look at him funny.

Jerry was traumatized by the accusations - which he believes were false - and how he was fired even though he had years of being in the highest regard by superiors, peers, and subordinates.

Jerry is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and he was hoping to create a new life in Sacramento.

Why do people insist on opening up old wounds - what happened (or didn't happen) years ago has little or nothing to do with today (unless it was a major crime)and people should be accepted for who they are and what they do - not because of some old gossip about them.

Jerry, stay and face them - don't let them win!

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