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Saturday, October 23, 2010


I know people who constantly complain about what's wrong with our government - yet they refuse to vote. Too lazy? To jaded? To disasppointed? Frankly, I think one of the major reasons people don't vote is because they don't think their vote counts.

What if all of us felt that way? What if the only people who voted were the extreme radicals on any issue? Is it the moderates that default because they don't have enough passion behind their convictions?????

Voting matters. You move mountains one pebble at a time. Whether your team wins or loses, the amount of votes they get tell both teams how important (or unimportant) their espoused positions really are.

Voting matters. With many things in life, we vote with our pocketbooks. While this is also partially true with government issues (we financially support our team, our favorite candidates, the issues that matter to us) the most important way you vote - is to go to the ballet box and mark the right squares.