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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Health Update

Hi, it's been ages since I published on my own blog, although I've certainly given the Project Management blog at UC Santa Cruz a lot of my thoughts.

I'm getting older and I hate it. As the mother of a friend of mine once said, "My body is beginning to betray me."

My eyes - just had the most amazing cataract surgery - Crystalens - which has little hinges allowing me to see near, medium and far without glasses. It's the wonder of modern science.

Knees - damn, some day they are a real pain in the .... knee of course

Stress signes - without boring you with the ugly and frightening details, suffice it to say that stress is really affecting my body in negative ways. I, who teach others how to reduce stress, need to really find a way to reduce my own. This recession is a killer!

So much for whining. Things aren't really all that bad.


Health Update