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Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Sound of Music - and lessons learned

I recently saw a Community Theater production of the play, the Sound of Music. As everyone knows, plays show the essence of a story, whereas movies add much to it. The issue of "the silent majority" allowing evil to flourish was so plain. If you recall, Austria was being taken over by the Nazii's and Captain Von Trapp was one of the very few who was willing to speak out. His girlfriend and friend were both encouraging him to "go along to get along" and because he was an ethical and honest man, he refused.

Being one of the few who refused, he and his family had to flee the country - and of course history tells us it was over-run by the Naziis.

Why are so many people so afraid to speak up?

We see it happen in daily life - I see it here in my townhouse where no body even bothes to read the documents or show up at meetings.

Eveyone encouraged to "settle" a friviolous lawsuit, contributes to the on-going growth of lawsuits making people more frightened to do anything. Doctors play cya, competent people are reluctant to serve on boards, etc.

Can't we stand up and be counted before we give our country away?