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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Energy, Enthusiasm & Excitement

Energy, Enthusiasm & Excitement Gets You To The Front Of The Line
On November 17th, I spoke to the group at CSIX about the importance of the quality of everything you do towards networking and getting a job. My talk ranged from the importance of doing your research to the way you write your query, cover letter, and resume. I offered suggestions about how to handle the interview (once you get it) so that you appear to be the “A Player” they are seeking.
Mostly though, I talked about the importance of staying energized. You, especially if you are not a “twenty-something” need to show your vim and vigor. You need to be energized and enthused. I offered my audience a series of tips on how to stay energized. They included:
• Start now – you can’t wait for the last minute
• Get plenty of sleep – even take a nap if you can
• Exercise
• Have FUN! This is most important
• Socialize – yes, even though you are depressed
• Personal Hygiene and Grooming – at all times (as I looked around the audience, I knew this one had to be emphasized)
• Learn something new
• Be around young people – they energize
• Get involved in your community, associations, etc.
• Create and meet with small support groups
• Read – for pleasure
• Love children – be around them to hear their giggles – it is so energizing.
• Love family, friends – let yourself love and be loved
My conclusion: As difficult as it may be because you’ve been out of work too long, you have to pull yourself together and act as though all is well in your world. You can’t do that if you are staying in a deep tunnel of depression. Grab a toe hold this minute and start to pull yourself out of it. You need to be energetic, enthused, and excited in order to convince those you want to have hire you that you are the best possible choice for them. Good Luck!

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