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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Art Show at City Lights

Art Show
Several years ago I took a cruise to Alaska and during the cruise took a ½ hour a day watercolor class. My instructor kept giving me compliments, but I actually thought she was being condescending because I didn’t think I had any talent at art. Much to my surprise though, as we all were waiting in a huge room to disembark the ship, she walked over to me and commented: “I know you think I was just being nice to you, but I was serious. You have enormous talent. If I were you, I’d quit my day job and go to New York to study at the Art Institute.” My mouth hung open!

So, of course I haven’t rushed off to New York – but I did take a couple of classes at Adult Education. I’ve taken classes in watercolor and oil. I also took a one day workshop in working with pastels. Surprisingly, my instructors also thought I had talent.

Recently, I was speaking with Lisa Mallette, the Artistic Director at City Lights in San Jose, California and mentioned my art since they show local artists in the back of their theater. She asked to see samples, I showed them to her, she liked them – and lo and behold – my art is now appearing at City Lights for viewing and sale. Some of these make great holiday gift items, so go check them out.

The performance is “The Santaland Diaries” and will run from November 17th – December 18th at City Lights 529 S. Second St. San Jose, CA 95112. For information or tickets call: 408-295-4200.

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