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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Self-Defeating Chip on the Shoulder

I met this brilliant and very attractive young woman the other evening, who unfortunately has such a chip on her shoulder that she completely detracts from her assets.

For example: Nice face, nice hair and lovely figure - ruined by bizarre overly made up too colorful makeup, hair streaked in blue, red, and green, and clothing designed to offend rather than attract.

There were a group of us together who share basic values - philosophical - political. One of the men was sharing his views about patent law, and I was interested in listening. This young woman kept interrupting the conversation to tell him he was wrong and very belligerently and repeatedly share her views on the subject. A few times I asked her to just listen since I really was trying to learn his position - but her mouth kept going and her brain and ears heard nothing.

This same young woman, who I suspect is very talented and capable - can't get a decent job. Her anger against "the system" gives her the excuse for why she can't find a job. Frankly, I think it's her appearance and style of communication.

Too bad: Personality, appearance, respect for the opinions of others, and stle of communicating are critically important in how we are evaluated by others.

I do hope she checks out this blog.

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