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Friday, June 17, 2011

Tyranny of Pleasantness

There's a chapter in my book, Conflict in the Workplace Causes and Cures that is called "The Tyranny of Pleasantness." I mention it now, because of a disagreement with my HOA about the use of our complex Yahoo group account. I strongly believe we should be able to communiate problems with each other, and a member of the board (actually the wife of an ex-board member) calls it "complaining" and things we shouldn't do it.

But, I posted a problem I was having asking if anyone else was having it, and got about ten replies of the same problem. That means it is complex-wide (we are only 81 units) and important for the HOA to deal with. They think it is individual problems.

My message here: It is important to communicate - to express issues - not bury them because you want to "go along to get along."

Read the chapter in my book. Better yet, read the book.

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