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Monday, June 13, 2011

Change Project Completed at Willow Glen Downtown Association

Speaking of negotiation, conflict resolution and change management, I just spent the last three months working with about 25 of the most interesting and dedicated people who are staff, board members, and committee members of the Willow Glen Downtown Association. We worked together to improve staff/committee relations, committee/board relations, communication, conflict among people with different priorities, and training and integration of the new incoming board.

Ultimately we created a half day visioning mini-charette inviting the 300+ members of their association to come and share their desires and needs for the future. We used the enormous amount of data obtained at that event to create the strategic plan for the future. The draft strategic plan was developed at the Board Retreat I managed and facilitated for them.

What a great dedicated group of people. Not only is there a new board, but the outgoing executive committee continues to take an active part in helping members of the new board.

With the dedication and help of all involved, the final set of recommendations I made was 15 pages long. Here’s the response I received from their Vice-President.

Thanks for your recommendations and all of your hard work. I received several positive comments on the offsite and good data was collected on the giant Post-It's. The WGBA will take several weeks to digest it all in a series of meetings as we set up our committees. Should we need additional support, we will reach out to you.

We recognize that this assignment was not an easy one and was indeed time consuming. There were a lot of individuals to meet, a lot of different perspectives to align, and many hours of prep and organization to build two fine events: the brainstorming day and the board retreat. Your dedication and drive were greatly appreciated and the results you provided will help us move forward in building the committees we will need for the next few years.
Best Regards,
Andrew [Zielinski]
On behalf of the past and present WGBA Executive Committee

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