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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Leadership for a Global Workforce

Yesterday, in 3 sessions, I met with 120 San Jose State University students who were actively involved in community service. A delightful group our workshops were lively and highly interactive. i thought it might be helpful to anyone else interested if I shared my outline:

Leadership in the 21st Century
San Jose State University
Saturday, October 1, 2011

Who are You? What would you like to get out of this workshop?
• Quickly – name, major, work experience
• Write down three things you want to learn today
• Take responsibility for participating and making sure you learn them.
• Highlight of topics we will cover today
What makes Leadership in the 21st Century Different?
Today – we are Leading and Managing in a Global Economy
• What does that mean? How is it different from 20-30 years ago?
o What countries – cultures are represented in this room?
o How well do we understand people of other cultures?
• If we can’t really understand them – how can we lead and manage them?
• Changes are happening all over the world – look for example at China today.
Today – we are changing the way we interact with others at work
• Yesterday we dealt with people face-to-face.
o Yesterday we managed by walking around and really seeing what others were doing.
o Yesterday teams all worked together side by side.
• Today, our teams are all over the world
o Today, we contact them by e-mail and social media
o Today, we sometimes never get to see the people with whom we work
• What does that mean to the development of trust? To management skill?
Today – technology and how we use it changes almost minute by minute
• Phones – I-phones, Tablets – laptops, Chips in our brain?
• Every day we must learn how to use another tool
o Exciting – chaotic
o Causes us to have to stop and re-learn, slowing work down
Today – only businesses that create ‘Disruption” are considered exciting
• What does that mean?
• What about good solid stable ideas?

How do these changes matter to those of us wishing to lead tomorrow?
What is your definition of leadership?
• How does leadership compare to management?
• How does one become a leader?
• Name some leaders that are/were famous (good or bad)
• What does a leader have to do in order to acquire followers?
o Give them what they want
o Inspire them to want to do what you are advocating
o Be trustworthy – walk your talk
Leading and Managing an educated workforce
• Hiring well
• Funnel theory of management
• Delegating
• Decision-making – shared
• Performance appraisals – timely – dartboard
• Accountability
Emotional Involvement
• People stay or go based on their relationship with those closest to them, including team mates and management.
• If the product/service of the company is helping humanity people feel better about what they are doing.
• If the company is involved in the community – showing how it helps others (charity, donations of time, etc.), employees feel proud to be part of it.
o Sometimes this requires proving to the shareholders how it enhances their profits.
o Community involvement can include role-modeling acceptance and celebration of the differences between people.
• What works for you? What are your examples?
Team Interaction – and Conflict Management
• Building trust – especially in distant teams
• Dealing with “storming” – disagreements
• OK – to disagree – “Tyranny of Pleasantness”
• What’s ok – and what crosses the line

What do you need to do to become a successful leader tomorrow?
• Personality
• Image
• Knowledge and experience
• Surrounding yourself with those smarter than you.
• Presentation style
• Self-confidence
• Health
• Risk-taking
• Charisma – what does that mean?

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