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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Process Improvement – Quality – Streamlining

When working with many clients, both private and public, I find myself offering many suggestions for process improvement.  You might remember that in my early business career, I streamlined and re-engineered systems and was what in those days was called “an efficiency expert.”  (No, I never did time and motion studies!)

I was a member of the streamlining council for Joint Venture Silicon Valley and in this capacity went into cities to streamline their permit processing.  This led to some interesting contracts during which my contract included going into many areas of these agencies to improve processes, reduce redundancies, and get rid of unnecessary rules and regulations. 

My clients included cities, transportation agencies, accounting offices, law offices, and High Tech companies.
Now, in addition to the other courses I teach, I apply that experience to:  Quality and Performance Excellence, in the Keller Graduate School MBA Program.

Reducing unnecessary processes and regulations – with the help of the employees involved themselves – helps relationships with the communities/people being served, reduces costs – therefore allowing for less taxes if you are a government agency  – and increases the bottom line.

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