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Friday, November 29, 2013

Non Profit Leadership

Non-Profit Leadership
Sadly, many small non-profit associations cannot afford hired help and must rely on volunteers to fill all their needs.  In cases where the new CEO of a non-profit believes that he/she should be the sole-decision maker in all things, volunteers feel demeaned – they are not slaves – they should be decision-making partners in areas in which they are involved.

Recently, I watched the meltdown of a young CEO who could have made her organization a huge local success had she not alienated the people who did the most work and were most supportive to her.  Because they dared to disagree with one of her decisions she actually fired them.

I wonder how this will impact those other volunteers in her organization?  Can she recover from her meltdown?  Can she re-unite with the volunteers she chased away?  Can she resume the friendships she had with these women after insulting them so badly?

Leaders – good leaders – know the importance of valuing others.  They say “we” when there are good results and “I” (as in the buck stops here) when something negative occurs.

Leaders – good leaders – get their personal egos and agenda out of the way in the interest of making others look good, give more (become more productive), and feel motivated and loyal to the team.
Leaders – good leaders – are credible, authentic, reliable, and reasonable.

Coming together is a beginning
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is the goal.
Henry Ford

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