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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Getting Your Career Mojo Back

So, all this career counseling talk  brings me to my talk at CSIX this month.  My title:  “Mojo for the Job Hunter”
This economy has left a lot of people out of work for way too long.  In addition , here in Silicon Valley there is really a pre-disposition to want younger workers.  Those who have been laid off due to the recession, some of whom had worked in the same company for over a dozen years, are having a horrible time finding new work.
Many have become depressed, apathetic, and scared.  They’ve lost their “mojo.”  They’ve lost their enthusiasm, excitement and optimism – all of which is necessary for job hunting.
My talk was to give them some strategies for getting out of their rut.
I got my mojo back while running for office – which brought me out of my comfort zone and had me meeting bunches of new people.  It was fun.  I needed the jolt.
Now, I’m ready to tackle some new large projects.   Just to remind you – from one of my clients:

Chief George Cameron said, in part:
During the past year Arlyne has worked with nearly all Samtrans’s divisions in various tasks and roles. She has developed strategies and programs which have greatly benefited the District in dealing with issues such as team building, organizational development, process re-engineering, management and leadership training, 360 degree management evaluations and conflict resolution.
ArLyne’s instinctive ability to very quickly understand the crux of issues that management has either overlooked or not acknowledged, has set her apart from the majority of consultants which I have worked with over the last twenty years. Additionally her direct approach to both management and staff has been a refreshing change, which in my opinion has augmented her ability to resolve underlying issues or problems.
CEO, Mike Scanlon said in part:
Beginning in early 2001, we engaged the services of Dr. ArLyne Diamond to help the San Mateo County Transit District effect a cultural change through leadership training and coaching.  Simply stated, her performance was exceptional.  Her coaching produced demonstrable differences in the leadership qualities exhibited by our managers and key staff members and resulted in significantly improved relationships throughout the organization.  
I strongly recommend ArLyne’s services to any organization particularly one that wants to confront its performance objectives head-on.  Her approach is direct and unequivocal.  Most of our staff members found her style refreshing and provocative, but individuals must be willing to face sometimes difficult realities in order to implement her suggestions.  An example is the “360 degree management evaluations” in which performance assessments are generated both up and down the chain of command.  In the process, our supervisors and managers were exposed to some candid appraisals by subordinates.  While initial reactions were sometimes unsettling, there was general agreement that the outcome led to a stronger, more competent team.

ArLyne is an extremely well trained, highly motivated individual who draws upon years of experience and a superb educational background.  Despite her direct approach, she presents her programs in a casual and warm manner and is able to relate well to people of all persuasions.  

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