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Saturday, March 09, 2013


Abraham Lincoln, (who for those of you who might not know, was our 16th President and freed the slaves - and created the 13th Amendment so that they would be freed for all times) quoted Euclid (from geometry) as follows:

"Things that are equal to the same thing are equal to each other."
Think about those words - don't they apply equally well to allowing gays to marry? 
Marriage today is a legal contract between two consenting adults and the state government in which they live.   If we can legally marry (and use that word - not a substitute) why can't two men, or two women?
We can no longer state as we did in the past that marriage was for the purpose of procreation (oh, that's sex, isn't it?) and maintaining family.   If that were true, than people either unable to - or choosing not to have children shouldn't be allowed to marry.
Today, marriage is about commitment and legal benefits, obligations, and responsibilities.  So, what's wrong with gay marriage?
Don't get me wrong, I vervently believe that any religious institution has the right to make its own decisions as to which type of couple it will sanctify in a religious marriage..... even if I disagree with their choices.
Just as I think the boy scouts are stupid for not allowing gay kids into their organization, I respect their rights as private organizations to make such stupidly thoughtless and prejudiced decisions.


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