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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Burning the American Flag

Watching the news tonight is frightening. "Occupiers" broke into Oakland City Hall and destroyed property - that's bad - but then they deliberately and maliciously burned our American Flag.

If you are so opposed to America - GET OUT. Move elsewhere. I love this country. I know it isn't perfect, but we work together to continuously improve it - not to destroy it or its symbols.

In my lifetime I've seen enormous positive changes. For example,
--integration of schools, workplaces, libraries, etc. in the south and the rest of the country.
--Gary Rights
--Equal rights for women.

What's gone wrong!
--Too much government intervention into business causing huge failures - and causing a crippling economy. We need to fix it.
--Also too many jobs going away and not enough customers coming here. We need to fix it.
--California's education system (K-12) becoming among the worst in the country. We need to fix it.
--Newcomers to our shores not learning what America is all about - our love of freedom, liberty, and opportunity for all. We need to fix it.
--Loss of private charities - of individuals taking responsibility for reaching out and helping our neighbors. Again, we keep thinking it is "big brother's" responsibility - not true - it's ours as individuals. We need to fix it.

Let's fix it. Let's not destroy this country I love - or each other - or what it stands for.

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