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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Simplifying Services

I recently took on a project to compile a list of transportation services for seniors in Santa Clara County.  What a nightmare. 

It reminded me of the nightmare a client of mine received years ago when he was seeking help with medications.  He was mildly schizophrenic and didn't drive.  He had to take busses everywhere - and the process of getting a prescription filled took traveling to three different places, and he spent all day doing it.  It was so unbelievable to me that one day I accompanied him (but by car).  He had to go to one place miles away to get permission to get his prescription and then travel across town to another place altogether to get the prescription - and finally to a third place to get the medication.

Transportation - I, who am computer and internet literate, had to hit link after link and inside links until I finally found a list - but in many cases the service required proof of eligibility - and made it almost impossible for seniors who are not normall computer and internet savvy to get what they needed comfortably.

I don't believe in giving handouts - but I do believe in our helping people who really need help.  Because we spread ourselves so thin, we fail to adequatly take care of those who really need our care.

Stop the foolishness.  Stop the waste.   Stop letting free-loaders get in the way of our being able to effectively help those really needing our help.

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