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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Synchophants Please Apply

There is a pattern I've noticed among some of the executives with whom I interact - and hate to say - even some with whom I work. That is that they wind up hiring executives or so called experts who charm them - rather than hiring those who will be competent and trustworthy.

The fear of being criticized - of having someone smarter than you - of not always getting your own way - or having to admit you weren't perfect - all go into a fear of working with people who are direct and honest. How sad!

Wann'tit Henry VII who couldn't bear to have disagreement and so created his own church and beheaded those who disagreed with him - including a few wives?

I recently was told by someone that any disagreement feels like an attack - and since this person was ridiculed for some "visionary" ideas as a college student, all that was tolerated was those who agreed and offered accolades.

this executive has repeatedfly hired con men and women who offer flattery - but don't deliver the goods for which they were hired. I finally realized that the reason for the errors in judgment was because of being attracted to cyncophants or yes men and women.

A word to the wise - Honesty is far more valuable than flattery.


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