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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Call Center Response done Correctly

Thank you Joy at Eastman kODAk. As i told both you and your supervisor Lie, having you help me on the phone was pure pleasure. You did everything correctly, in a timely, intelligent and courteous manner. Among all the good things:

*** You listened to me before asking me your qualifying questions.
*** You understood what I was asking, and as a well trained active listener, you repeated back to me in your own words what you understood me to say.
*** When I gave you information, you double-checked to make sure you had it accuratley - e.g. the spelling of my name, my model number, etc.
*** You gave me correct and appropriate information to solve my problem without forcing me to go through what is usually an unnecessary protocol demanded by other call centers.

Everyone - this is the way it should be done!



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