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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Call Center Hell

I just wasted an entire morning trying to resolve two simple problems - that should have taken about five minutes each. The first one wasn't too bad, only 20 minutes of hold, disconnect, and then finally the right person - who was a manager and really helpful. That was with Iron Mountain, the paper files storage company.

The second though made me crazed. I was repeatedly transferred, left on hold, and then the call was dropped and I had to dial again. I was transferred to six (yes 6) different agents, all of whom were "the wrong person to help me" and all I wanted was to talk with the billing department. I was on the phone with Office Depot's call center hell for over 45 minutes. Eventually I was connected to a billing clerk named Christine. I told her what I wanted. She promised to fax it to me .... and she faxed me only one small piece of the itemsized statement i requested./

Call centers need to clean up their act. Hiring cheap labor who don't liten well, only know how to read scripts, and never have enough information to really help you, costs these companies oodles of money in the long run. It costs them customers too.

Call center agents who tell you "not my department" or "I can't access that information, it requires another department" leave the caller frustrated. There needs to be cross-training and access to a wider range of computerized information.

Furthermore, if they have to transfer you - after all you've already gone through hold ad button pressing hel before getting to them - they should get you a LIVE human being with an IQ over 100, who can actually help you.

Please please please - let's hire better and train better - customers on this end are so frustrated.

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