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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Lately, when speaking in public I am ending my talks with a poem I recited when I was a child, playing the role "friendship" in a play called Pandora's Box. My poem was written by "anonymous" - a man I never met (that's a joke folks). It goes:

If nobody smiled and nobody cheered and nobody helped us along.
If every man lived after himself and the good things all went to the strong.
If nobody cared just a little for you and nobody thought about me
And we fought alone in the battle of life, what dreary old world it would be

Life is sweet becauwe of the friends we have made
And the things in common we shrare
We want to live on, not only for ourselves, but because of the people who care.

It's living and doing for somebody else on which all life's splendor depends
And the joy of the words when you have summed them all up
Is in the making and keeping of friends."

Now, my Objectivist friends, don't get too uptight about the phrase "it's living and doing for somebody else, etc." don't take it too literally - the essence is about living with others sharing and helping each other out.


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