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Monday, May 30, 2005

More about Africa

So many of us take our freedom for granted. We are so busy complaining about what is wrong with our country, or government officials, that we fail to remember how wonderful this country is and how great our lives compared to others in other countries.

Listening to June about Africa reminded me of some other information I have about the corruption of the government and services in South Africa. When I was on my cruise to Alaska, I met a South African couple. He was a director in a gold mine and they had come to the United States to attend a wedding. While here they did a lot of shopping and mentioned one evening that there stateroom suite was so full they could hardly move around. I asked why they didn't have the stuff they bought shipped and they laughed responding that the postal system was so corrupt that the odds were very high they would never receive their merchandise.

My neighbors are from South Africa too and Michelle told me the same thing. She said that regular mail is opened and cash or even checks are taken.

When Paula and I were in China we saw first hand what communism does to a people - they are afraid. They are spied upon. They are arrested and severly punished for minor infractions - and killed or seriously maimed for major ones.

We are here. We are free (in spite of Homeland Security) and we have freedom of speech, freedom to go and do what we wish, freedom to move, to change jobs, to travel - and yes, even to insult our President. Be grateful. Cherish, protect and preserve those freedoms by always speaking out.


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