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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Harassment claims cost thousands of dollars

The headline reads:  Court council has paid $500K to settle sex claims!

And, these are supposed to be our leaders!

How much money are you willing to risk before you decide to offer your entire staff face-to-face training in proper workplace behavior?

Research shows that the standard on-line course in preventing sexual harassment – although meeting legal requirements – doesn’t change people’s attitudes or behavior.

So, do you want the cheapest solution?  Or one that helps people really understand the issues?

It’s about changing the office/factory/warehouse culture.  People need to understand that what they think is just kidding around is really offensive to others.  People need to understand that here in the USA we don’t condone any form of emotional or physical abuse of people.  No one has the right to harm another person.

What are you doing to make sure you don’t have to shell out hush-money?

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