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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The sanitizing of America

Between complaints of micro-aggression and complaints of harassment we are demanding that everyone behave perfectly at all times, and never say or do anything that might hurt the feelings of another person.  We are sanitizing our behaviors, words and even to some extent our thoughts.  No political disagreement possible.

This frightens me.  I strongly concur that we need to stop bullying, abusing and taking advantage of  people who are more vulnerable than those who aggress agains them.

But to have someone lose their job because they made an inappropriate remark?

To have someone sanctioned because they had a thought that disagreed with the more popular points of view?

These demands are creating something much worse than THE NANNY STATE - they are crating what Ayn Rand described so vividly in her book ANTHEM.  WE ARE SANITIZING AMERICA


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