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Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's the sand that creates the pearl in the oyster

To go along to get along seems to be the common practice today.  Yet, it is the irritant - the person who has another point of view - the one who challenges the status quo - that makes most needed changes in life.

It is the sand - the grain of sand that gets into the oyster that createsd the pearl.  (I don't understand how either - but it's true.)

Andy Grove talked about "Constructive Criticism" and instituted that process at Intel.  The value of it was that people could disagree with the norm.  Look at the creativity of Intel through the years.

Old, staid, stable companies are losing market share.

Old, staid, stable organizations - associations - are not only losing members, but younger more vibrant members of the community don't wish to join these organizations.

The smaller Rotary clubs need to change their ways in order to survive.  They don't have the advantages the big clubs do - of the best speakers - the most prominent members of the community, etc.  So, what do they have as a quid pro quo for being a part of them.

As I visit the smaller clubs, I encourage them to find time to discuss new and creative ways to survive.  Yet, so many of their members say "this is the way we will do it because this is the way we've always done it and this is the way Rotary International wants us to do it."

too bad

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