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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ten Steps to Success

Ten Steps to Success

I meet so many professionals who dream about creating their own success but find themselves being stopped by obstacles of their own doing. In the many years in which I’ve been consulting to people, I often help them look at and overcome these obstacles so that they can reach the heights to which they subscribe. The obstacles are different for different people, and the steps to success are also different.

I am offering an on-line, or on-the-phone consulting service called “Ten Steps to Success” which will consist of three separate sessions (for an hour or more each) over a one or two month period to mentor and coach those interested in taking the ten steps to success. The rate for this service is a flat $1,000.00.

If you are interested, or know of anyone interested in creating their success path, please contact me and/or refer them to me for more information.
Courage is the first of human qualities
because it is the quality that guarantees all others.
Winston Churchill



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