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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Resume Help

Resume Help
Although it’s not something I advertise on my website, I have helped countless people improve their resumes – and of course have lectured about resume writing. My friend Steve who is CEO of his own company and a very accomplished and experienced salesman, was “wowed” when I recently helped him create a resume. He suggested I offer a service (and actually create a new website – which I haven’t done) called the 37 minute resume writing for $100.00. So, I am here to offer the service – and test-market it.

What I do is improve, tighten, re-arrange and help the resume become a dynamic marketing tool rather than a laundry list – just data sheet. I also suggest removing all the unnecessary phrases that everyone else uses and have become cloying.

If you know of anyone job hunting who wants to improve their resume, send them my way. I can work with them via e-mail ( or by phone 408-554-0110 or both.



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