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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Social Media - Just Learning

Last night I attended an interesting GABA and Silicon Valley-French joint meeting. The moderator was my friend Angelique Blendstrup who is very active in both associations. The topic was using Social Media for Business.

Although interesting, I didn't learn enough of what I need to learn in order to effectively use these tools. Most of the conversation was directed towards companies with products.

However, I met some interesting people, including a gentleman who was helpful in telling me that I ought to quote others in my blogs so that they will see me when they google themselves and will look for me. Great idea!

GABA's meetings are quite interesting. I'd love for JHTC (I'm on the board) and GABA to do some joint activities in the future.

Back to Social Media: For those of you who use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn - please find me and become my "friend" since I still don't really know how to find you. Thanks

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