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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Marketing Yourself - Service Marketing

Having taught marketing clases and helped numerous clients with marketing needs, how could I get into the position of having a long-term client not know the full range of the work I do? Dumb me, I took her knowledge for granted.

It is often the case when consulting that you establish a contract for one aspect of the work you do, and get known by that aspect. People put you in a box and fail to realize that it's only one part of what you do. How can you remind them of the full range of your services without being pushy or hard selling?

My client uses me frequently when there is a personnel issue to be resolved. She remembers that I was a practicing Psychologist for many years. However, for the last twenty plus years, I've been a management consultant and specialize in a wide range of "people and processes in the workplace" issues. I am expert on many aspect os Human Resources (HR) and most aspects of Organizational Development (O-D) as well as having a huge background in streamlining and process improvement.

How do you casually drop this information into the conversation? I'd love your ideas.

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