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Saturday, April 12, 2008

People are chess pieces, not checkers

You cannot fit the person to the job - you must fit the job to the person.

Case in point: My bank was purchased by Wells Fargo and they absorbed many of the old bank's employees into their branches BUT - they treated people like checker pieces instead of chess pieces.

For example, the former bank manager, a warm, friendly, patient and outgoing woman was given a back-room supervisory position instead of putting her out front as a branch manager where she excelled.

A woman who:
- didn't speak English well
- had limited comprehension
- could not multi-taks
- learned new things very slowly
Was put on a Business Services desk which requires a wide range of knowledge, flexibility and excellent communication skills.

Assuming that years of service was the criterion, people were not evaluated for personality, solf-skills, or the ability to handle different types of situations.

I find this lack of consideration is all too common - the most important variables in considering where to place a person if often overlooked because they are being evaluated on
- years of experience
- academic degree
- typing speed
- # of computer programs they've learne, etc.

We need to look at people as chess pieces and see how they move before placing them randomly on the board.


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