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Monday, April 18, 2016

Professional Branding

How do you describe yourself professionally?   So many of us have developed a 30-second elevator speech that is cute, silly, and really doesn’t express what we want people to know about us.  Others ramble on about what they’ve done in the past, their education, and other pieces of information that put the listener to sleep before she actually figures out what they do today.

I’ve been offering workshops and talks to consultants, people out of work, and even those working who are concerned about how they are being perceived by those in authority.  How do you brand yourself?   How do you express who you are and what you do in a way that doesn’t sound like everyone else doing the same work?

One of the techniques I suggest to clients is to remember things they’ve done in their youth that they are proud of having accomplished.  These memories often remind us of who we really are – what are core values and strengths are that add to who we are professionally.  Try it!

We become who we are today because of who we were yesterday.  It’s interesting going back into your past and learning about what really mattered to you.

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