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Monday, March 14, 2016

Creativity Needs the Quiet Spaces

Although still an amateur, I paint in both oil and watercolor. I’ve been attending a series of facilitated groups based on the book The Artist’s Way, written by Julia Cameron – and one of the things that has become so clear to me is the importance of TAKING THE TIME to get out of your ordinary day and do something that will enable you to clear the cobwebs and see the world differently. For me, going to museums or the beach seems to fill the bill. 

So, how do I apply this to creativity at work? As you know from reading my newsletters, I conducted a survey of 50 C-level executives asking them a bunch of open-ended questions about managing for creativity. Most didn’t really create processes for it in their organizations. I’ve helped some of my clients create systems to manage for creativity – and it really needs to be managed effectively in order to get what you, the CEO really want.

But now I’m wondering – what about spaces designed to stimulate creativity? What about rooms with videos of the ocean for example – places where people can just go and chill out away from their desks, computers, iPads, android phones and other technology. Places that are both stimulating and restful.

If you think about it, most creative moments – epiphanies – come about during restful times – in the shower, driving (without a crowd) washing dishes, chopping wood, or just daydreaming.

I know too that if I have serious writing to do -- I think about it before ever sitting down at the computer. I let the ideas gestate in my mind for a day or two and then my path to expressing what I wish to express comes clear.


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