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Friday, March 11, 2016

Political Candidates: Branding

As most of you know, since running for Assembly myself I’ve added to my services so that I can also help others running for office. Much of my professional practice has been helping people grow both individually and professionally, so helping candidates “grow into winning” is a logical next step.

Just as businesses need to brand themselves, candidates need a theme – or a brand – by which they get identified. It should be short, sweet and consistent in all your speeches, literature, etc.

One of my clients is telling people that he listens. This fits for him because he has been active in attending community and service club meetings of all kinds for a long time. He listens to what people say they need and want and is basing his campaign strategy on that message.

Another client is focused on transparency as her theme – it fits because much of her prior work has been holding a microscope up to examine the ethics/honesty of other politicians. (Diogenes?)

Other people running for office are still using the same stale angry rhetoric loudly stating that the other candidates are wrong and are stupid, evil, etc. I don’t think that’s a winning strategy. 

Truly, the time has come for all us to be positive in our approach. To find a theme that fits our values and personalities – but one that others will resonate to in a positive manner.

As I meet with people while staffing our voter registration booth at all the art & wine festivals I’m even more convinced than before that in order to be accepted as viable we need to turn off the anger and turn on the positive approach to solving the problems of our constituents and potential constituents. People are fed up with hearing about conspiracy theories and “chicken little the sky is falling down” rhetoric. They want to hear about real things that impact their lives.

A word to the wise!!!!!!!!!!!!


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