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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Be Powerfully Persuasive

¨      Do you want to win – or to persuade?

¨      When they don’t listen do you become frustrated?  If so, what do you tend to do – become argumentative?  Hit them with more statistics and logic?

¨      If you want to persuade, be persuasive – don’t argue – don’t educate!

¨      Liberals offer emotion, and a “chicken in every pot” What’s your emotional appeal?   What’s the win?  The immediate gratification?  The Promise?

¨      Maintain a “user-friendly” attitude and style.

¨      Negotiation starts with small successes.

¨      Learning takes Place Incrementally – building on prior learning.

¨      Notice and reward successive approximations.

¨      Keep your words and ideas simple.

¨      Become a story teller, use anecdotes, events that your audience can relate to, jokes that express your point – intersperse these with your facts.

¨      Find the innovators, creators, high risk takers – and persuade them first – the followers will follow behind.

¨      Don’t be discouraged when you learn that people stand where they sit.

¨      Modify ideas and attitudes first – emotions will follow.

¨      Create excitement, vision, visceral reactions.

¨      Reward yourself for small successes – and –

¨      Remember that we have made great strides already.


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