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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Board Training Survey

Thank you so much to the almost 100 members of boards who responded to my survey last month.   We will be following up with those of you who gave us permission and shared your contact information with us.  But, for now – here’s a quick summary of the priorities you reported:

·       What are the most critical issues new board members should be taught?
o   Learning the specific by-laws and rules
o   Team work
o   Communication
o   Willingness to listen
·       What are the issues that make for a highly successful board?
o   Problem-solving ability
o   Willingness to change one’s mind based on new information
o   Ability to disagree without making it personal or taking it personally.
·       How effective was your last board meeting?
o   Moderately effective
·       How often should a board have a planning and team building retreat?
o   Once or twice a year

It’s clear from these responses – and the details you offered that the “soft skills” are critically important to the success of a board.  Does your training include communication and interpersonal relationship training?  We emphasize those elements in our board training workshops.

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