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Friday, May 08, 2015

Change Management: The People Side

I'm pleased to announce that I just created an on-line course for Proformative Academy.  The name of the course is:  Change Management:  The People Side.  You can purchase this course for a 10% discount by mentioning my name.  The link is:   

In this course, I state that change is everywhere in an organization, sometimes very big, sometimes very small, but always disruptive to a certain extent.  I offer several examples of change of different sizes and then review some of the most well-known theories of managing change.  Most important, though is the discussion about people's reactions to change - and they vary considerably and finally, I offer my reader/student some solutions.

If you are a manager of people you will want to take this course.  No matter how stable you think your oganization might be, it is requiring people to change - something - some of the time.

Ignoring the anxiety,fear, sense of helplessness, anger and other reactions will only hurt your organization in the long run.  I'm sure you can think of many organizations that had a major merger or acquisition and because they didn't manage the cultural changes, lost many good people.

change is everywhere.  People react quite differently to it.  They must be listened to and honored.


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