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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Redefining Your Professional Brand

Redefining Your Professional Brand
As I mentioned previously, I have been doing a series of workshops for ProMatch – a wonderful organization that helps people out of work re-define themselves and find their next job.

In a few weeks I will be conducting another workshop for them, this one helping people define and refine their brand.  In my opinion, your brand is far more than your elevator pitch. 

It includes:
·       Knowing your strengths, skills, accomplishments, interests and where they meet with the current job market;
·       Understanding where you position yourself, horizontally and vertically;
·       How to articulate all of that in an interesting and cogent manner;
·       Your resume, cover letter, business cards, and other marketing materials, and
·       Most of all:  Your image – how you sound, look, dress and behave.

It’s hard when you are out of work to think about yourself positively.  I hope to re-energize and remind the participants in this workshop how fabulous they really are. 

I am so tired of hearing poorly trained career counselors dumb everyone down.

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