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Friday, December 02, 2011

Writing made easy

Last night I attended "Shut Up and Write" meetup, in Mt. View. Although there were only 5 of us at this event, I found it stimulating. There is something nice about sitting with a group of people all quietly doing the same activity. I had company, yet was free to write alone.

I started a book I have been wanting to write for years. A romance story - a real one - my relationship with Bill.

Instead of using a computer, I chose to start this novel (or maybe novella) on paper with pen in a pretty little journal. I felt that I wanted to get away from my more professional style of writing and had a hunch (which paid off) that reverting back to paper and pen might let the creative juices flow differently from my usual professional style.

I was right. I finished the first chapter and was well into the second one when my hand just plain gave out. I haven't used those writing muscles in a very long time.

I like this idea of a writing group. It adds an interesting and worthwhile dimension.

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