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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Leading and Managing a Global Workforce

The book is getting some great reviews. Here are some I'd like to share:

1: A wonderful gem of a read, Dr. ArLyne Diamond shares her compelling life experiences and wise insights about leadership, life and business in her work with businesses globally. Written with spirited energy and her signature maverick candour, Dr. Diamond’s anecdotes - drawn from her wealth of knowledge and personal trials and tribulations over decades – are amongst the most fun, personal and memorable that you would find in any business book! - Rebecca Quah, MBA student at Keller Graduate School & Senior Director, CBRE/Asia Client Development.

2: ArLyne Diamond is to be admired for her insight into management and leadership. She has created a comprehensive guide that provides a clear direction on how to lead in the changing Global Economy. For executives this book is required reading. – Stephen Miller, CEO Eclipse Identity Recognition Technologies, Inc.

3: ArLyne brings to the vast sea of management/leadership books a very personal perspective from her many years of consulting and teaching. Avoiding the prescriptive “How to do it”, but rather putting things in an historical and geographic format demonstrates her knowledge of the reality we experience in trying to adapt to the global business world of today. I thoroughly enjoyed relating my own past missteps to ArLyne’s views and recognizing what I can learn and incorporate into my daily management life. – Michael J. Cubbin, President Bay Area Metro, DeVry University.

4: ArLyne Diamond’s book: Leading and Managing a Global Workforce has the rare quality of blending work experience, psychological insight and business know-how. The result is a powerful guide and treatise on how leaders cannot just manage but inspire their workers throughout the world. - Fred Foldvary, Director, Civil Society Institute at Santa Clara University.

5: Leading and managing A Global Workforce is a practical, easy read for anyone in leadership or management. Once again, Dr. ArLyne Diamond gives her audience food for thought in a compelling and unusual manner with timely insights for a rapidly changing global economy. - Dr. Lydia Ortega, Chair and Professor of Economics, Dept. of Economics, San Jose State University.

6: No company nowadays can afford to do business only in their domestic market. The minute a company has a website, they are global! Having grown up in initially in Germany and having lived and worked besides the USA also in the UK, Japan and South Korea, I applaud ArLyne’s capturing of the importance of doing business internationally. Only a true leader understands the importance of respecting and working with other cultures and nationalities. This understanding and global knowhow however is of essence for todays’ global leaders in order to themselves be respected and lead global teams. Well done ArLyne! - EJ Dieterle, President & CEO, YES Partners – Global Executive Search.

7: Intensifying global competition and staff from diverse cultures are driving the need for dynamic workforce management in today’s companies. Managing a global workforce is about managing diversity as cultures can vary from one location to the next with the same company. As such, the leadership must be astute to be able to relate to their employees’ needs in order to maximise their contribution to the organization.

Dr. ArLyne Diamond’s book will prove to be a guiding light for probing mangers who must take the lead to find answers to this ever-evolving subject. In her own words, she summarizes: “Great leaders are confident. If you don’t believe in yourself and your ideas, others will feel your self-doubt and fear following you.” Well said, indeed. - Sritharan Vellasamy, Founder of Outsourcing Magazine, an international publication on global services industry.

In addition, the book will be serialized in Outsourcing Magazine next year (2012)

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