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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Who Killed Laura?

Laura was killed on March 29,1974, somewhere near her Dad's new house in Pleasanton. We just saw the report and there are things in it that strike me as strange. Why wasn't her Dad the next of kin? Who is Sheila? Laura's mother was Joan. Why was the bullet from the left - Laura was right handed.

What went on that would lead a young girl like Laura to take her own life?

I know from Paul that Laura's dad and step-mom were into kinky sex. I know from her step-sister that there was an inkling of a proposition to a teenage girl. Could that be what happened? Did someone propose Laura engage in sex play?

When it happened he called and blamed me - I hadn't seen any of them in about two years - yet, like everything else, he had to find someone else to blame - and I was it.

I was on my way to school that night. I was teaching at DeAnza. I was so upset to learn of her death that I called Bill who comforted me and sent me off to teach with his version of "the show must go on." I remember being half in shock that night, but my students were kind and we muddled through.

But now it is fresh in my mind again. Who killed Laura? Did she take her own life or did someone else kill her and then cover it up?

I suppose I'll never know.



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