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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Yes, you can fight City Hall

Growing up in New York City, I often heard the expression: "You can't fight City Hall." It always struck me as such a passive, negative belief - one that guaranteed people to lose.

Yesterday one of my neighbors called to ask my advice about something happening to her from our HOA and management group. She wanted to fight what she considered to be an unfair practice (one of many we are currently experiencing from our gestapo-like management group. She was planning to write and to attend a monthly HOA meeting and complain. Her husband told her not to bother because she couldn't win.

That's what's been happening lately at my complex. People gripe among themselves and to each other - but never take it where it counts. They never complain to the board directly.

So, if you don't fight back you lose by default. Yes, you can and should fight City Hall, HOA's or any other bully group taking advantage of you by virtue of their power.

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