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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Quick Tips for New Leaders

Project Management

You need well executed projects to accomplish your goals. Clearly define and delegate.
  • Define the elements of the project and assign responsibility to those best able to manage and execute those elements.
  • Once assigning a task to someone – let them handle it. They should be accountable to you, but you should not rush in to micro-manage or to give others pieces of the project.
  • Respect the chain of command you have established.
  • Allow project leaders to pick your own team (committee) and manage them
  • Clarify team (committee) goals and deadlines – hold people accountable.
  • Always give positive recognition.

Meeting Management

Your time and everyone else’s is of incredible value. Invest it wisely.
  • Set and keep a time schedule.
  • As meeting manager (CEO or facilitator) be on time.
  • Have an agenda – and publish it – also have paper copies.
  • No surprises – everyone involved should know the purpose of the meeting.
  • If guests are invited, advise them in advance that they are guests and will be given the opportunity to speak when it is appropriate to the reason they are in attendance.
  • Nurture a climate that encourages people to express their own views – and to offer constructive disagreements and/or criticism.
  • Share the responsibility of the meeting with attendees by having them responsible for different aspects of the agenda.
  • Have a living agenda rather than a static one and allow others to input into the agenda before it is published.
  • Start and end on time – that shows respect for others

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