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Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Ways to Do Old Stuff

What do you do to encourage new and creative ideas in your workplace?
  • Are your policies and procedures so tightly wound (a nicer phrase than rigid) that there is no room for improvement?
  • Do you have managers who stifle good ideas because they think a different idea will make them look bad?
  • Do you hope that the good ideas will “bubble up” or do you have a process in place that enables them to come up the chain of command seamlessly?
Whether you call it continuous improvement, thinking outside the box, shifting the paradigm, creativity, innovation, or even working more efficiently and effectively, there needs to be a way to make this possible in your organization.

When we do workshops with clients, we create opportunities for people to freely talk about their ideas:
  • First by developing relationship, then trust, then opportunity.
  • Ideas are captured, evaluated, and given to the correct decision makers for approval or change.
  • Experimental – trial – pilot projects – are created when necessary and tools for measurement are developed.
The most effective and reasonable tools from “quality” and “six sigma” are utilized to measure and accept the best of the best new ideas.

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